illuminate sf


Ned Kahn (2003)
Permanent (Civic Art Collection)
SFO: Between BART Station and AirTrain (View Map)

The 200,000 mirrored stainless steel disks of

Wind Portal

encircle a 55′-diameter by 12′-deep hole in the main level of the station, through which escalators and stairs run. The myriad of tiny mirrors responds to air currents generated by passing trains – the wind flowing through the BART Station at the San Francisco Airport – and colors reflected from people’s clothing as they pass through the portal, creating an ever-changing mosaic of light, sculpted by the wind.

Best Viewing: The BART station is in SFO's International Terminal, a short walk from United Airlines Terminal 3 (Domestic Terminals 1, 2 & 3 are minutes away on AirTrain).

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