Aphidoidea (2017)
Castro: Jane Warner Plaza, 17th and Market Streets (View Map)

The Seed is a collection of six abstract LED dandelions that tower 13 feet over Jane Warner Plaza. Created by the art, design and architecture collective Aphidoidea (Ahh-fi-doe-idea), the work is a symbol that represents how a single wish that is blown away can carry enough weight to inspire a movement. The luminescent installation draws from the wishes many people have to be able to freely love and be themselves.

The Seed was made possible by a grant to the CBD (Castro/Upper Market Community Benefit District) from the S.F. Office of Economic & Workforce Development.

Best Viewing: Plan a visit to Jane Warner Plaza anytime after dusk to take a break from the surrounding city clamor. Experience the rainbow-colored glow of The Seed as it illuminates one of the busiest intersections in San Francisco.