Spence Finch (2020)
SFO Terminal 1

Each star in Finch’s installation is made up of 32 LED lamps. The position of the star sculptures in the installation roughly correlates to their position in the night sky. The distance of each star from the floor is determined by the distance of the star from the Earth. The higher the star, the more lightyears away from Earth it is. Orion includes the seven major stars of the constellation Orion, which are Alnilam, Alnitak, Bellatrix, Betelguse, Mintaka, Rigel, and Saiph. The colors of the filters on each lamp represent the spectral emission of that star. For example, Betelgeuse, a very old star, therefore red, has more filters at the red-end of the spectrum, while other stars are much bluer, and have a greater percentage of blue filters.

Best Viewing: SFO Terminal 1 after dark.