Cliff Garten (2015)
Permanent (Civic Art Collection)
Potrero: 1001 Potrero Ave., Zuckerberg SF General Hospital (View Map)

Ethereal Bodies

consists of nine undulating stainless steel sculptures lit by multicolored LED lights. The installation’s stainless steel rods range in height from 14 to 22 feet tall. The surface of each is finely worked to achieve the most interesting interaction with sunlight, and the LED lights at night. Because LED light is spectral, the edges of the brushed stainless steel act like little prisms to break the primary LED colors back into spectral colors, to project a riot of hues nightly. During the day, the stainless steel surfaces reflect and refract sunlight, causing the forms to appear impalpably luminous as a viewer’s position shifts.

Best Viewing: The installation is set within an earthwork of wave-like berms located on the hospital’s main entry drive turnaround median at 23rd Street near Potrero Avenue.