Charles Gadeken (2020)
Golden Gate Park, Peacock Meadow

Watch Golden Gate Park's Peacock Meadow transform into an enchanted forest of otherworldly shapes and ever changing light. “Entwine,” by San Francisco artist Charles Gadeken, creates a whimsical wonderland where visitors can explore paths and sit under a grove of three entwined sculptural trees while practicing social distancing. The trees range from 12 to 20 feet tall with illuminated canopies as large as 30 feet, filling the meadow with changing light. Sculptures of 2,000 LED lights cluster into small flowering bushes at varying heights, further filling the green space with peaks and valleys of radiating light. The variety of lighting effects are inspired by nature and build a sense of awe: raindrops on the pavement, lighting and thunderstorms, wind blowing tall grass and flowers, and ripples on a pond

Best Viewing: Viewing is free and open to the public day and night; illumination takes place sunset to park closing.