illuminate sf


Johanna Grawunder (2019)
SFO: Long-Term Parking Garage (View Map)

Coding is an immersive installation comprised of light, glass and steel that transforms the structure’s elevator tower into a dynamic focal point that can be experienced day or night. Capitalizing on the garage’s inherent architecture, Coding incorporates different decorative elements, or "codes," each expressing a quality and experience of the elevator tower.

Mirrored square and rectangle windows in the facade, suggesting dots and dashes, spell out "San Francisco" in Morse code. Ignition Yellow steel tags on the structural mullions point north, south, east, and west. Luminous ceilings and undercarriages color-change ever so slowly and become kinetic elements that amplify the up and down movement of elevator rides. The elevator cabins and shafts feature more than 60 strings of specialized lighting by Traxon Technologies that enable an immersive experience through coordinated light shows that change over 24 hours.

Best Viewing: Anytime after dusk.