illuminate sf


Anna Valentine Murch (2014)
Permanent (Civic Art Collection)
Potrero: 1001 Potrero Ave., Zuckerberg SF General Hospital (View Map)

Based on the concept of a river as a metaphor for life,


was created by artist Anna Valentina Murch for the plaza connecting the old and new buildings of the hospital complex. Located outside of the Acute Care Unit, an important feature of the installation is a 6’-tall oval-shaped stainless steel banded sculpture, which will be internally illuminated at night to serve as a symbolic beacon. Additionally, a series of basket-like, stainless steel banded sculptural seating elements surround planters and companion carved granite benches that meander through the space like eddies that flow across the plaza.

Best Viewing: Outdoor plaza that connects the old and new buildings of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital's Acute Care Unit.