Jim Sanborn (2006)
Mission Bay: 1700 Owens Street, Alexandria Real Estate Equities (View Map)

Anima is a towering cylinder of carved metal that is lit from within to cast shadowy bits of ancient text and poetry in a halo across the plaza. The beautifully illuminated words in different languages are from the Human Genome Project, an excerpt from Dr. Leslie Taylor, a quote from Louis Pasteur, text from Greek Physician Claudius Galen (150 AD), text from Roman historian Pliny (79 AD), and a quote from Qi Bo (450 BC), physician to the Chinese Emperor. The piece sits in front of a building for biotech companies, which might explain the choices for the quotes.This sculpture was commissioned by Alexandria Real Estate Equities in cooperation with the City of San Francisco Percent for Art Program.

Best Viewing: Any time after dusk, walk into the plaza to read the insightful language background plaque and experience the light shining through the stenciled characters, which creates a truly special effect for light art and cryptography lovers.