MADLAB (2013)


Yerba Buena: 181 Third Street, W SF Hotel Lobby (View Map)

Lumina is a vibrant, otherworldly light sculpture, a lustrous mass reminiscent of bioluminescent jellyfish, cosmic star clouds, and the brain’s neural networks. The sculpture emanates a sense of mystery as its translucent fiberglass and fiber optic strands draw hotel guests to its vivid core.The 27-foot sculpture is handcast in clear surfboard resin and body glitter to achieve a luminous sheen; its large sheaths seam together to create a 15-feet-wide chamber in which more than 7,000 fiber optic strands were threaded and hand knotted before cascading the full length of the sculpture’s interior. (A staggering 22 miles of fiber optic strands were used – enough to stretch across the Golden Gate Bridge thirteen times.)

Best Viewing: Look up once inside the hotel’s three-story entrance at the corner of Third and Howard Streets.

Presenting Sponsor

5M is a new, vibrant mixed-use destination in the heart of San Francisco located at the intersection of 5th and Mission streets. Developed by Brookfield Properties, named “Developer of the Year” by the San Francisco Business Times in 2021, the four-acre parcel was previously home to parking lots and underutilized buildings. Now, it has been transformed into a lively community for locals and visitors alike.