South Beach: Bar VIA, 138 King Street (view map)

Illuminavia is an icosahedron, a 20 paneled, platonic polyhedron solid created by HYBYCOZO: Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu that hangs from the ceiling of Bar VIA, an upscale ground-level bar in South Beach. Made of brass and LED lighting, the sculpture makes use of an optical illusion, the Moire effect, which is the use of interference patterns between the panels to bend the light emitting from the center. If you line up the corners just right, you will see a new dynamic pattern appear between the curves.

Best Viewing: Enter the ground-level bar at Hotel VIA, located across the street from AT&T Park on King Street. Stand about 15 feet back from the hanging illuminated sculpture, then line up the corner closest to you with the corner that is on the opposite side of the sculpture to observe the interference pattern of moving and bending the light through the sculpture.

Visit HYBYCOZO’s other artwork featured in Illuminate SF: Trillian + Dodi at Patrica’s Green, Octavia and Hayes Streets.

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