1) What is Illuminate SF™?
ILLUMINATE SF™ shines a light on San Francisco's ever-expanding light art scene and celebrates the city's culture of creativity and innovation. The year-round initiative is presented by the San FranciscoTravel Association in collaboration with local civic and cultural partners, and showcases the city's public light art installations, most of which are accessible by public transportation and free to view. However, three at SFO are post-security, and artworks in museum exhibitions are viewable with entrance fee during hours of operation.

2) When can I experience Illuminate SF™?
Anytime! Most of the light art installations are permanent and part of the vast assortment of free public art in San Francisco. When the nights get longer in the winter, San Francisco's light art scene really comes alive with additional temporary artworks that make up the ILLUMINATE SF™ FESTIVAL OF LIGHT.

3) What is Illuminate SF™ Festival of Light?
ILLUMINATE SF™ FESTIVAL OF LIGHT begins the day after Thanksgiving and lasts through January. It's a celebration of the incredible ability of light art to transform our most familiar civic spaces and an opportunity to turn the long nights of winter into a vibrant, inspiring time to explore San Francisco.

4) What if I’m unable to visit during the Festival of Light?
You can explore San Francisco's light art digitally or in person anytime. Visit sftravel.com for maps, itineraries artistswww.illuminateSF.com

5) How many light art installations are featured?
ILLUMINATE SF™ now features more than 40 permanent and temporary light art installations created by artists whose creations have been exhibited all over the world.

6) Are all installations publicly accessible?
Yes, with some exceptions. Three installations at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) are post-security and accessible only to ticketed passengers for that boarding area (three more installations are pre-security and accessible to all). We wanted to include these SFO installations because millions of visitors pass through SFO each year and have the opportunity to experience these light art installations. Additional installations on view within San Francisco museums (fee for admission) and the San Francisco Main Library are accessible during hours of operation. Most of the public installations are viewable on foot, bike or by car.

7) I'm a member of the Media. How do I get additional information?
If you have additional questions regarding Illuminate SF, please inquire at media-relations@sftravel.com.

8) How do I receive more information about Illuminate SF?
Join our mailing list for more information about Illuminate SF and other cultural attractions in San Francisco.