Haddad - Drugan (2014)


Bayview: Pier 92 at Third Street and Cargo Way (View Map)

Bayview Rise is an illuminated mural for the grain elevator and silos of Pier 92, situated on San Francisco Bay at the north entry to the Bayview district. Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan create work about phenomenology and perception; Bayview Rise is about the interaction of color and light, with imagery about and for the community.

The large scale of the 187-foot façade makes the artwork visible from surrounding hillsides and freeways, creating a landmark for the Bayview. Its shifting colored lights cause parts of the mural in similar colors to glow while other colors recede into the dark background, making images appear to float in and out of the scene. This striking “illumination animation” effect results in the appearance of a moving image representing a community in transformation.

Best Viewing: Look east on Interstate 280 between Cesar Chavez and Mariposa exits; see it up close from Bayview Gateway Park between Third and Illinois on the south side of Islas creek (near Building Resources, San Francisco's only source for recycled building and landscaping materials). Just seven-tenths of a mile east on Cargo Way is Heron's Head Park, a premiere site for bayside bird-watching in winter if you go before dusk. Download the Port of San Francisco's A Field Guide to 100 Birds of Heron's Head.

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